WORKSHOP | Learning about Normal Events in Incident Investigations


WORKSHOP | Learning about Normal Work in Incident Investigations In this HOPLAB Workshop, Mark Alston from Investigations Differently guides viewers through Blue Line Investigations of real life events. Topics covered include: Overview of Black Line (work as intended) vs Blue Line (work as done) The conditions in which incidents occur are the same as in normal work How to use generative questions Learning about the work in the field Group activity with interactive whiteboard Mark Alston | Proudly brought to you by the HOPLAB and Southpac International. [...]

What is the value of storytelling in improving safety?


What is the value of storytelling in improving safety? SHOW NOTES.One of the reasons why administrative work gets separated from operational work is that they exist in different worlds. What a story is, is a way of creating a world for someone else that they can’t live in all the time. We can’t always be in someone else’s shoes, but if we listen to their stories, then that gives us some sense of what life is like for them. So, storytelling is a good way of artificially creating environments and shared understandings. Most of the [...]

How do you see performance metrics working with H.O.P?


How do you see performance metrics working with H.O.P? SHOW NOTES. Metrics are in some case helpful but often cases they drive behavior and drive behavior in ways we did not anticipate, and we were not looking for. It’s really important that we take a good look at what that metric actually means. If you set a goal for people to do, let’s say learning teams and say, ‘you will do 30 learning teams in a year’. You will get 30 learning teams in a year – maybe 31. And the only thing [...]

What is Operational Humility?


What is Operational Humility? SHOW NOTES: In the world of human performance, I have heard this term a bunch called chronic and unease. I think it is saying ‘don’t be too comfortable’. I presented this to a plant manager and what they said is that even if our numbers are great, we probably ought to have some ‘operational humility’. Not because our numbers are great and we’re perfect. But maybe because our numbers are great we need go ‘kick the tires’ a bit more to see if in fact we are great and [...]

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