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When to use learning teams?


When to use learning teams? SHOW NOTES: Anytime we want to learn more, whether it was an actual incident, quality escape, could be a near miss, or near hit, good catch, could be an engineering challenge. As an engineer I love using learning teams as I have to the people who build it, maintain it and repair it and the people who are designing it. I like to bring them all together. Because the designers are brilliant, but they don’t know what the manufacturers knows they don’t know about the repairers knows, because [...]

What are learning teams?


What are learning teams? SHOW NOTES. Learning team is about the conversation. Its about bringing people together who do the work, that know the work, that can help us understand how work really gets done. And whether its because something bad happened or almost happened, could be from quality escape, could be an operational upset, maybe even studying successful work, but learning teams are people who know the work helping us understand how the work really gets done. Not how we plan for it to get done, because we always have great plans [...]

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