HOP Training

Find a course to build your knowledge of Human & Organisational Performance

HOPLAB provides innovative and engaging training to upskill in all areas of HOP.

Our HOP Fundamentals and HOP & Learning Teams courses were the first in Australia and New Zealand, and have now grown to attract a global audience of safety professionals interested in learning the foundations of HOP.

HOPLAB’s facilitators combine years of experience in safety leadership and innovation to deliver valuable, insightful and engaging HOP courses packed with highly relatable and relevant industry context.

As well as face-to-face courses, we offer live virtual courses so participants can log in from anywhere. In-house training for any of the below courses can be arranged for teams or departments within your organisation.

Introducing Human & Organisational Performance course will help you to develop a working knowledge of the HOP (Human Organisational Performance) principles, terminology and methods


Learn the foundations of HOP

Develop a working knowledge of Human & Organisational Performance principles, terminology and methods in an engaging day course.

The HOPLAB 3-Day HOP & Learning Teams Course is the comprehensive guide to begin HOP in your organisation


Begin HOP & Learning Teams

A highly valuable and comprehensive 3 Day course. Essential training for anyone looking to introduce the HOP approach in their organisation.

HOPLAB 2 Day Bob Edwards HOP Masterclass


The HOP Coach

The HOP Coach, Bob Edwards, returns from the USA for a 2 Day HOP & Learning Teams Masterclass series with HOPLAB in Brisbane and Perth.

HOPLAB by Southpac International’s Learning Teams course focuses on the concept of operational learning and the Learning Teams process as it applies to Human & Organisational Performance (HOP).


Understand and apply

A progressive approach to review and learn from both normal work and unexpected outcomes.

In-house only.

The HOP Integration course brings together the learnings from the HOP Fundamentals and Learning Teams courses.


Put HOP into practice

Improve system stability, reliability and resilience by putting HOP learning into practice.

In-house only.

The goal of the HOPLAB is to help organisations and individuals to learn and reflect

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