HOP Integration

Benefit from greater engagement, enhanced performance and improved work practices across your organisation.

Generally, HOP begins with a seed of interest from a safety leader or senior executive within an organisation. Oftentimes this is followed by HOP Fundamentals training for key personnel, an introduction to Learning Teams and a commitment to operational learning, both from failures (such as events) and the successes of normal work.

So how does an organisation become a HOP organisation? HOP is not only about safety. All areas of of an organisation can benefit from the HOP approach.

HOP Integration is the process of ensuring your management systems, policies, processes and practices align with HOP.

HOPLAB by Southpac International delivers courses in Human and Organisational Performance


A quick overview of Human & Organisational Performance.

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Frontline workers are given the opportunity to be responsible for instigating an improvement to a process or task using HOP.


Get the ball rolling with a pilot program specific to your operations.

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The discovery of HOP is often linked to employees or leaders within an organisation identifying the need to change and grow. We foster that interest with decision makers and help you develop a broad-reaching commitment to HOP throughout the process.

You can start with exploring the free articles and videos in the HOPLAB, or download our free HOP Guides.


HOP application begins with a foundational understanding of the HOP philosophy – learning the language, concepts and principles that allow for transformational shifts in the way we work. HOPLAB are recognised leaders in HOP Fundamentals training.

Our 1 Day HOP Fundamentals Course provides a valuable introduction to HOP, while our 3 Day HOP & Learning Course is the ideal course for those looking to introduce the concepts in their own organisation.


Operational learning provides the tools for an organisation to continuously and effectively learn from itself. HOP tools such as Learning Teams and Field Insights can help you to better understand how work happens and make informed decisions to improve safety and outcomes.

This phase typically takes the longest, and can be met with the most resistance to change. HOPLAB can support executive and leadership teams through this phase to ensure the desired outcomes are being achieved.


By ensuring your management systems, policies, processes and practices align with HOP, your organisation will benefit from greater engagement, enhanced performance and improved work practices across the board. HOP Integration is supported through leadership mentoring, ongoing training and upskilling of personnel, as well as a suite of tools we have developed to track an organisation’s progress.

Which industries are adopting HOP?

The origins of Human Performance and HOP were founded in the nuclear power and aviation industries. As the concept has evolved, more high-risk industries have been attracted to the principles of HOP, including mining, energy, manufacturing, transport and logistics. However, HOP can be applied to any industry, and the results from organisations that have adopted Human and Organisational Performance are staggering.

Case Study of how CHEP have adopted Human and Organisational Performance, or HOP


How CHEP have adopted HOP to improve performance and safety

Case Study of Global tech leaders ABB running a pilot with virtual HOP training


Global tech leaders ABB commence regional HOP Pilot with virtual training

The HOP|POD HOP maturity model highlights five areas of HOP organisational alignment


HOP Integration Model by HOP|LAB™

The HOP|POD maturity model highlights five areas of HOP organisational alignment that we’ve identified through our extensive research and experience working with industries adopting HOP.

Using the HOP|POD maturity framework, organisations can assess where they are now and where they plan to get to, from emerging to excelling with HOP Integration.

Assessing the level at which your organisation has embedded the HOP principles.

Gauging how HOP integrates into your existing management system policies and procedures.

Understanding where and how your organisation learns from both success and failure across all areas of operations.

How well does your organisation improve, share and learn from events?

Building HOP principles into risk assessments, critical controls and evaluating outcomes.

Interested in HOP Integration and alignment?

Talk to us about a HOP maturity assessment.

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Southpac works along with Easternwell - Drilling, Well Servicing And Remote Camp Management Specialists
Southpac International works along with chevron Australia
Southpac International works along with Urban Utilities
Southpac International works along with CHEP - A Brambles Company
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