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The HOPLAB is a space for the sharing of new ideas, research, opinions and experiences that support the application of Human and Organisational Performance.

We believe that by working together and sharing ideas better solutions can be achieved, in this spirit the guiding principles of the HOPLAB are to Share, Collaborate, Innovate.

HOPLAB aims to support organizations and individuals on their HOP journey and make connections between thought leaders, practitioners and researchers possible. All are welcome to become part of the HOPLAB community and add to the discussion and learning.

Take a moment to explore some of the HOPLAB content, check out some of the upcoming events, put the information to work and don’t forgot to share with others! Share your journey and ideas using the hashtag #jointhemovement & #hoplab. See you in the lab!

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Human and Organisational Performance is a new way of thinking about how we can improve work. It is based on the premise that humans are error prone and that if we expect people to do things right all the time, we are most likely going to be disappointed – a lot! (Andrea Baker) It’s about understanding how humans perform and how we can build systems that are more error tolerant and is based on the works of thought leaders such as Todd Conklin, Sidney Dekker, James Reason and many more. For many years we have tried to make workers “care more” and “pay more attention” to what they are doing so that they won’t make mistakes. It seems that we have run that course about as far as it will go. In this new way of thinking or “new view” as many call it, we are making this change happen.

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