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The HOPLAB is a space for the sharing of new ideas, research, opinions and experiences that support the application of Human and Organizational Performance.

We believe that by working together and sharing ideas, awesome solution sets can be achieved. That’s why the guiding principles of the HOPLAB are to Share, Collaborate, Innovate.

HOPLAB aims to support organizations and individuals on their HOP journey and make connections between thought leaders, practitioners and researchers possible. All are welcome to become part of the HOPLAB community and add to the discussion and learning.

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HOPLAB – a virtual platform for sharing new ideas, research, opinions and stories in a collaborative approach towards excellence in human and organisational performance.



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Human and Organisational Performance – or HOP – is a contemporary perspective on how we can improve work. With a focus on understanding the context and conditions of work, it recognises the complex interactions between people and systems. HOP helps us to understand how humans perform and provides a framework for building more resilient organisations.

It’s not just about safety. HOP can be applied across every facet of an organisation to grow capacity and improve how we work.

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The goal of the HOPLAB is to help organisations and individuals to learn and reflect

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