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In 1687 Edward Lloyd opened a coffee house near the River Thames in London, at the time such houses were the primary source of news and rumour, in which patrons would come together to share and discuss current information on sailing destinations, weather patterns, and the risks lurking in unfamiliar seas. Little did Lloyd and his patrons know at the time, that this collaboration and sharing of knowledge would lead to the emergence of a whole insurance industry in subsequent years.

Such innovation has commonly arisen from the networking and collaboration of multiple fields of philosophy and science, driven by individual curiosities and reflective capacities. Throughout histories many civilisations, academies and societies have consistently brought learned individuals together to debate, challenge, share and reflect upon new ideas, concepts and phenomena, that have subsequently shaped our understanding and interaction with the world around us.

The HOP|LAB is a modern day coffee house; a collection of physical and virtual platforms for the sharing of new ideas, research, opinions and stories in a collaborative approach towards excellence in human and organisational performance. The goal of which being to help organisations and individuals to learn and reflect, creating cognitive and physical opportunities for new possibilities to emerge within themselves and others. HOP|LAB is thus not a program, but a community initiative, an organic social network bringing together thinkers from across the social sciences, operations, researchers, regulatory bodies and many other related disciplines, in order to support the emergence of innovative approaches to performance excellence from the pluralism of interrelated paradigms and philosophies such as Safety II, Dialogic OD, Host Leadership and Lean. And, just as for Lloyd in the 17th Century, such discussions and shared sense-making are the core of this movement, not the title or label itself.

So why HOP|LAB? Because there exists a breadth of knowledge, research and intuition that exists across the globe from individuals who are already viewing the world through the five principles of HOP, but may be unaware of others thinking the same way. Equally there are others seeking to expand the boundaries of such a paradigm to explore its implications into other areas of management systems and performance. HOP|LAB provides the platforms for such discussion and knowledge transfer to occur, enabling, facilitating, creating and empowering new ideas, conversations and learning.

The journey has already started thanks to work of a number of international experts, HOP Lab stands therefore, upon the shoulders of many direct collaborators but equally upon the hard work and determination of a larger number of indirect visionaries and applicators. HOP|LAB is thus an open forum that recognises the legitimate contributions of all that subscribe or are curious about the five principles, and welcomes discussion around each of them.

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