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HSE, Supervisors, Safety Managers, Operations Managers

A new approach to learn and improve from incidents and events

Course Details

Duration: 2 Day

Delivery: Face-to-Face or Virtual

Course Investment: $1,595.00AUD per person. Contact us for a quote to run this course as part of an in-house HOP engagement.

Course Summary:
This course will help your organisation to reshape the way you learn from incidents and accidents. Introducing a flexible yet structured approach as an alternative to traditional investigations, Event Learning Review shifts the focus from rigid documentation to practical learning.

Upcoming Dates

Cost (AUD)
20 & 21 August 2024 2 Day Event Learning Review Course BRISBANE $1,595.00
3 & 4 September 2024 2 Day Event Learning Review Course PERTH $1,595.00
10 & 11 September 2024 2 Day Event Learning Review Course VIRTUAL $1,595.00

The Event Learning Review Course has been designed to reshape the way organisations learn from incidents and accidents. Traditional investigations often fall into the trap of identifying repetitive ‘root causes,’ lacking the ability to learn or prevent similar events. Our course introduces a flexible yet structured approach, emphasising collaboration and empowerment. Unlike conventional methods, an Event Learning Review prioritises understanding the nuances of everyday work, building relationships with frontline workers, and leveraging their insights to create sustainable solutions.

Participants will explore the Human and Organisational Performance (HOP) principles in the context of Event Learning, fostering a highly contextualised perspective that navigates the complexities of organisational dynamics. This training not only shifts the focus from rigid documentation to practical learning, but also demonstrates a commitment to shared goals, fostering high-performing learning organisations.

Traditionally, workers seldom enjoy being investigated, and our training recognises this reality. By shifting from bureaucratic, model-driven activities to collaborative engagement with frontline personnel, participants learn to capitalise on the weeks following an event as an opportune time for learning and improvement. Through the application of HOP principles, the course teaches how to build relationships, embrace a culture of learning, and harness the invaluable knowledge of those intimately familiar with the intricacies of their work.

Join us in turning the aftermath of events into a powerful learning experience that unites teams and propels sustained organisational improvement.

Day 1 – Applying HOP Principles to Event Learning Reviews

  • Course Introduction
  • People Make Mistakes – Redefine the role of error in incidents
  • Blame Fixes Nothing – Appreciation of how blame influences learning
  • Context Drives Behaviour – Learning beyond compliance by understanding context
  • Learning is Vital – Moving from find and fix to learning and improving
  • Response Matters – Understanding the role of response in Event Learning Reviews

Day 2 – Event Learning Review Process

  • Learning Review Phases
  • When to use Event Learning Review
  • Event Learning Review Considerations & Planning
  • Building Relationships & Gathering Information
  • Learning with Better Questions
  • The Accident Model Trap
  • Analysis and Sorting Data with AcciMaps
  • Reporting
  • Improvements
  • Two full days of engaging, energised group discussions and activities, exercises and case studies
  • All course material
  • Takeaway resources to assist you in putting the fundamental concepts to work
  • Refreshments and lunch included (for Face-to-Face courses only)
  • Post-course networking opportunities

Following the course, participants will be able to apply the Event Learning Review method as a new Operational Learning tool within their organisation. The course is designed to provide an in-depth and engaging learning experience that will ensure participants can incorporate Event Learning Review into their organisation’s post-event process.

Managers, supervisors and team leaders in operational safety roles will all benefit from the learnings and methods included in this course.

It is applicable to anyone in an organisation who is responsible for investigations of events, incidents or near-misses, or those interested in a new approach to replace traditional investigations.

Like all of our HOP courses, the Event Learning Review course is available as an in-house course that can be delivered and tailored to the unique context of your organisation. This is particularly relevant for safety teams or departments who are often involved with investigations, and are looking for alternative methods to replace or enhance traditional investigation models.

HOPLAB has been supporting organisations to adopt HOP and Operational Learning since 2017.

Our HOP Fundamentals and HOP & Learning Teams courses were the first in Australia and New Zealand, and have now grown to attract a global audience of safety professionals interested in learning the foundations of HOP.

We work with each organisation to understand how work happens and guide decision makers to reflect, learn and grow – harnessing the potential that already exists within its people. Because of that, we can offer a unique perspective and a more organic approach that drives more sustainable results.

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