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Leadership for a Complex World, Creating Engagement and Enabling Success

The role your leadership team play in achieving success is vital however the activities, style and practices of many leaders are better suited to the workplace of the 20th Century. In the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world, a more appropriate model of leadership is required, a model that is realistic (not heroic), achievable and focused on engaging and aligning all of the capability and capacity in the organisation.


Host Leadership, an Ancient Tradition with Modern Application

Many conventional ideas and approaches to leadership effectively cast the leader as the hero. Leaders are supposed to have the ideas, motivate, inspire, make decisions and generally act in a pretty heroic way. With this paradigm, leadership is all about the leader and the leader being great.

One alternative to hero leadership that has achieved some recognition is the concept of servant leadership. While there are some very admirable aspects to servant leadership, leaders should serve, they do more than just serve. Leaders still have a responsibility to act heroically, the caveat to that, at times.

Host Leadership or leading as a host, allows us to utilise the best elements of both hero and servant leadership in a context-driven and nuanced way. Leadership becomes not so much about whether to step forward or step back, rather, when to step forward and when to step back.

Host Leadership is not about being great but about creating the conditions for others to be great.

Host Leadership provides a framework for leaders to develop skills that are focused on building engagement, trust and mutually beneficial relationships.

Check out the video below that features a recent discussion on Host Leadership between Southpac CEO Andy Shone and thought leader Dr. Mark McKergow.

Host Leadership, a discussion with Dr. Mark McKergow

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