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Create engagement and enable success in a complex world.

The role your leadership team plays in achieving success is vital. However the activities, style and practices of many leaders have become increasingly outdated. In the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world, a more appropriate model of leadership is required. A model that is realistic, not heroic; achievable; and focused on engaging and aligning all of the capability and capacity in the organisation.

Why has Host Leadership emerged?

Many conventional ideas and approaches to leadership effectively cast the leader as the hero. Leaders are supposed to have the ideas, motivate and inspire. Not to mention, make decisions and generally act in an heroic way to create the dynamics of a leader and those who follow. Within this paradigm, leadership is only focused on the role of the leader itself.

On the other hand, the alternative concept of servant leadership has some admirable aspects and has gained some traction as an approach that leaders should serve. However, the truth is, leaders still have a responsibility to step up and act heroically at times.

Host Leadership – or leading as a host – allows us to utilise the best elements of both hero and servant leadership. Both in a context-driven and nuanced way. Leadership becomes not so much about whether to step forward or step back, rather, when to step forward and when to step back.

Host Leadership is not about being great but about creating the conditions for others to be great.

As a concept, Host Leadership provides a framework for leaders to develop skills that are focused on building engagement, trust and mutually beneficial relationships.

Host Leadership

Leadership Development Services

Southpac offers a comprehensive range of Leadership Development services, training and coaching.

Host Leadership Masterclasses

Southpac facilitates Host Leadership Masterclasses with recognised leaders in the field. Take a deep-dive into the world of host leadership – through complexity, uncertainty, flexibility, awareness and activity. This 3-day Masterclass looks at how Host Leadership can be applied with Safety II and HOP principles as an effective modern leadership framework.

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Host Leadership

Wondering how the new view of leadership ties in with the new view of safety? Host Leadership and Human & Organisational Performance link in many ways. As a result, forming a highly effective approach to getting the best out of your people and your systems. Southpac International are uniquely positioned to deliver integrative training on Host Leadership and HOP.


From public masterclasses to virtual and in-house training options, Southpac delivers a range of Leadership courses that are relevant, practical and informative. Above all, providing participants with the knowledge and framework to inspire meaningful change.

Executive Briefings
& Workshops

We work directly with boards, executive teams and senior management to determine how leadership is currently viewed within your organisation. Our format is tailored to whatever style suits you best – whether you are seeking an executive briefing or a more informal, interactive workshop.

Short Courses
& Bespoke Training Programs

Our short courses and leadership training programs are designed to be adaptive. Therefore, offering the most relevant information to your organisation. Course content and structure are varied to meet the objectives you hope to achieve for the best possible outcomes.

Leadership Surveys
& Coaching

Understanding how leadership happens is critical to making the case for change. Southpac’s leadership surveys and coaching can provide the necessary insights to determine the strengths and challenges that exist. As a result, laying the roadmap for a new leadership approach.

Southpac International helps organisations to enhance engagement and improve through Human & Organisational Performance, Management Systems and Leadership.

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