Management Systems Services

Management Systems

Does your organisation’s management system help or hinder the achievement of goals and objectives?

Clients often tell us that their perception of a management system is of loads of manuals, procedures, forms, rules, basically a mountain of bureaucracy and paperwork. Quality & Safety Assurance processes and practices are often viewed as the check and enforcer of compliance with both internally and externally imposed standards and rules.

It’s true that there is a time and place for rules, documentation and compliance activities, however management system standards and stakeholder expectations have progressed beyond a compliance only mindset. Southpac helps organisations of varying sizes and industries to gain the most benefit from their existing systems and can enhance or implement systems that support and enable success. Taking a practical, human-centred and risk-based approach, we can ensure that your organisation has implemented sustainable, continually improving processes and systems.

Management Systems Services

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Managment Systems Consulting

There are almost countless management systems consultants, solutions and options available globally, making the whole consulting process confusing and, often, frustrating. Southpac International is truly different in our approach and our attitude. We have a knowledge and experience bases across various industries and perspectives within the world of management, systems consultation, auditing and quality. Our solutions work and are inspired by our extensive work in Human and Organisational Performance and Safety Differently; two relatively new approaches that have been fostered and promoted by Southpac International and our partners.

We work collaboratively with both the frontline and management to understand your operation and create systems that benefit all key stakeholders and help enable success. Typical projects that we undertake include;

  • Management Systems Development & Implementation
  • Systems Improvement & Integration
  • Technology Integrations
  • System Reviews and Decluttering Initiatives

Our consultants have worked globally among a range of industries including construction, aerospace, oil & gas, mining, manufacturing and many more. We have the skills and experience necessary to work with almost any organisation and enable positive changes in the workplace.


    • Does your organisation want to formalise a management system or streamline and improve an existing management system?
    • Are you over burdened with paper-work and bureaucratic process?
    • Are you and your people tired of box-ticking but don’t know what paperwork to cull?
    • Is your company considering Certification to ISO 9001, ISO45001, ISO 14001 but scared of the potentially onerous requirements?
    • Are you looking to integrate existing systems or add additional third party certifications?
    • Is your current Safety, Quality or Environmental department overstretched?
    • Has your current management system failed to bring the business benefits you hoped for?


If you have answered yes to any of the above get in contact to have a chat with one of our consultants.  We take a practical approach to help create the most lean and effective management systems that are not only compliant but more importantly add value.

Managment Systems Training

Southpac offer a comprehensive range of management systems training courses including;

    • Systems and Standards Introduction Training
    • Auditor Training
    • Investigator Training
    • Continual Improvement Training

Outsourced Systems & Assurance

  • Even if your management systems are running like clockwork, are you meeting your certification body’s internal auditing requirements?
  • Are your customer feedback processes adding value and providing the insights you need?
  • Do your internal investigations and reviews generate genuine learning and improvement?

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