Learn valuable leadership skills with Southpac’s new short course

Southpac is launching our highly acclaimed 2-Day Leadership & Management Course as a public course, with the first dates scheduled for March 2024.

After two successful years of delivering our Leadership short course to in-house clients, including Qantas, Jetstar and CAE, we’re excited to open the doors to the public to take advantage of the valuable insights and learning over 2 engaging days of virtual training.

This course is applicable to leaders and managers across a broad range of industries, from those in high-risk sectors such as aviation, mining, and oil and gas, as well as for professionals in health, services, startups, and more. Covering a comprehensive range of leadership theories and practices, the course provides valuable insights that are relevant and effective in a diverse range of environments.

Why is leadership training valuable?

People are often promoted to managerial positions without being given any tools or guidance on how to lead effectively.

Understanding how to effectively manage people does not automatically come with a job title. Which is why undertaking a leadership course can be a valuable step for current or aspiring leaders, no matter what stage of their career they are in.

Southpac’s course aims to equip individuals – especially those newly stepping into leadership roles or existing managers seeking to refine their skills – with the tools and knowledge to lead with confidence and competence.

This 2-Day Leadership & Management Course isn’t just about theory. It’s an engaging, interactive experience, offering insights into various leadership frameworks, including Host Leadership. Key topics are explored through discussion and workshops, including team building, creating supportive work environments, effective communication, and conflict resolution in the workplace.

The principles of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) are discussed in detail, along with the essential elements of a Performance Management System and practical steps for handling difficult conversations.

For a detailed overview of the course, visit the course page here.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your leadership approach and elevate your team’s performance. Join our leadership facilitator, Robert Russell, on March 5-6 for a course that promises to redefine your leadership and management skills.

“Shout-out to Rob for a fantastic 2 day course, very informative. His expertise and dedication made it a valuable and enriching experience for all the attendees.”

Fleet Technical Specialist, Jetstar Airways (2-Day Leadership & Management Course, October 2023)

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