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Presenting HOP to safety leaders through Industry Partners

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Presenting HOP to safety leaders through Industry Partners Southpac International was recently invited to present on HOP and operational learning to a wide range of safety leaders from various industries as part of the Industry Partners working group. Despite what many may think, the safety profession is arguably one of the most open to new ways of thinking. This was evident to us at the recent working group on Safety Leadership run by Industry Partners Australia. Southpac International was invited to present to this engaged group of safety leaders on Human [...]

The 5 Principles of HOP

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The five principles of HOP Published by HOPLAB by Southpac International The role of the safety profession has traditionally been to minimise harm – to control conditions within operations in order to make work safer. But the programs and processes that have evolved in the traditional view of safety have rarely allowed for the one condition that can’t be controlled: we’re all human. Human and Organisational Performance is essentially about understanding the context and conditions of work. Importantly, HOP is not a program – it’s an operating philosophy that gives us a framework for building [...]

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