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How to enhance work without another program

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How to enhance work without another 'program' Published by HOPLAB by Southpac International Can a program change an organisation's culture? Maybe, in the short term. But we have probably all experienced the ‘new program’ being rolled out at work; the new posters, training, activities. It is well received for a few weeks and then slowly it dies out….until the next program gets rolled out. Programs are rolled out with good intent, but can have the opposite effect. Frontline workers can become complacent when every new program is perceived to be the new flavour of the month. So [...]

What is a typical journey towards HOP?

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What is a typical journey towards HOP? Published by HOPLAB by Southpac International One of the most common questions we get asked is, "Where can we find your HOP program?" It's a difficult one to answer, first and foremost because Human & Organisational Performance is not a program. (Sorry, there are no posters, either!) But there are ways we can start to introduce HOP at both an individual and organisational level. Where to start can depend on how familiar the organisation is with HOP principles, and how strong the appetite is at the leadership level to move [...]

The 5 Principles of HOP

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The five principles of HOP Published by HOPLAB by Southpac International The role of the safety profession has traditionally been to minimise harm – to control conditions within operations in order to make work safer. But the programs and processes that have evolved in the traditional view of safety have rarely allowed for the one condition that can’t be controlled: we’re all human. Human and Organisational Performance is essentially about understanding the context and conditions of work. Importantly, HOP is not a program – it’s an operating philosophy that gives us a framework for building more resilient organisations. There [...]

Can you do Learning Teams without doing the New View?

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Can you do Learning Teams without doing the New View? Published by Andy Shone In recent times, we've been asked if it’s possible to do Learning Teams without necessarily doing the ‘new view’, Safety II, or HOP? It is true that, by and large, Learning Teams have been associated (thus far) with organisations that are doing, or attempting to incorporate, the new view into their organisation. Does that however mean you have to be doing the new view or Safety II, to successfully implement Learning Teams? Sadly, I have no empirical evidence, and therefore cannot be definitive in [...]

SAFETY II | HOP and the Guiding Principles

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SAFETY II | HOP and the Guiding Principles We were very impressed when the team at Queensland Urban Utilities shared their infographic on how they work on implementing HOP.  The poster introduces the concepts to their teams and other stakeholders.  So far, they have been using it or investigation and conducting a large scale SME groups.  Future group work includes assurance and beyond! With thanks to Queensland Energy and especially Daniel Kopacz, the Principal Investigation and Assurance Specialist for sharing this amazing document for us all to use and benefit from. Do you have a way [...]

A Convenient Story by Andrea Baker

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A Convenient Story by Andrea Baker “Well, that’s a convenient story,” the company CEO bleared at me through his watery spectacled eyes.   This man was tired.  Not “I didn’t sleep enough last night” tired; he was “I haven’t slept well in 20 years” tired.  Those eyes had seen too many cross faces in the board room, too many hours of a flickering computer screen, too many blurry digital displays reading 3AM, and now they were pointedly fixed on me. “You’re trying to prove to us that this human and…human and ope…what is it called?”  he [...]

Safety II – a facinating development in safety management and solution focus. An article by Mark McKergow

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Safety II – Mark McKergowI was recently contacted by Andy Shone of Southpac, who provide training to the airline and other safety-critical industries from their base on Australia’s Gold Coast.  Andy was initially interested to discuss our work on host leadership, but in a context I hadn’t previously known – ‘Safety II’.  Some of you will know that my pre-consulting background was in the nuclear power business here in the UK, and even after moving on from there I devised and ran safety leadership courses for senior managers in the industry in the 1990s and early 2000s.  What’s [...]

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