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The benefits of using the new way of thinking. Maybe its not new, but the benefits who are the employees who are what we call the ‘sharp end of the stick’ are the ones getting things done out there; turning wrenches and making things happen are given a lot of respect in this. We realise they are the ones making this work happen and yes, we need leaders, we need engineers, we need directors and managers, but we also really need the people who are willing to do this hard work to make things happen.

One of the biggest benefits that we have been looking at for a long time is how do we get better at engagement and collaboration. As its one thing to ask employees to be more engaged and it’s another to say, “I value you, collaborate with me and see if we can build better work”.

So how do you measure this? Well, we don’t know. Because we have so many metrics already what we do say is watch your metrics and see what happens. In some cases, injury rates may go up as people are willing to talk about what’s really happening and they are not hiding injuries. In some cases, we have seen the severity of injuries go way down. In some cases, we have seen organisations with phenomenal numbers but when we peel back that outer layer and looked inside, were quite brittle. So, the value is we’re learning about reality. That’s way, not every organisation doesn’t do this; many of them do not. It’s becoming more common to talk about it but it’s not the new social norm. We still have plenty of companies that are not comfortable with knowing the way work really gets done.

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