What is safety practice, differently?


Dave Provan has done some amazing work, in fact a PHD on the first time to look at beliefs and perceptions of safety people, safety professionals. Putting aside the argument about whether safety is a profession or not there are people who work in safety and call themselves safety people. Dave has a fantastic depth of knowledge around the research that pulls from all sort of disciplines. Which range from the culture and institutional logic space to organizational design and development. From personal and professional development sphere from individual and collective identity and he’s pulled that together in order to understand what is it the safety people that we think what we do, what we believe, how we help. Interestingly there is a whole bunch of things that don’t make sense. Contradiction or intention. When Dave and I came together we realised our missions were so aligned. I am out there supporting leaders who want to grow and drastically improve health and safety along the way and he [Dave] has an amazing evidence based depth of knowledge in the role of safety professionals and what we do and don’t believe. And that’s just the starting point of evidence base. We came together and said basically 1=1=5. What we are beginning with is the masterclasses around safety professional practices differently. It’s different to safety differently. Its about a reflective exercise. To look at research and say ‘what does this research actually tell us and does that research help us get started on our role, our beliefs and how we serve businesses?’ Definitely not about having the answers but engaging safety people on reflecting on what are some of the better questions we can ask ourselves on ourselves and our role.

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