Where is the ONE place to start using HOP?

If an organisation was just starting on this journey and still very much in Safety I thinking, probably the most valuable thing we can do is sit down with the leadership and have a conversation and say where do you think your organisation is now, where do you want to go, do you think as a leadership team your interested in looking at things a little differently and show them what differently is.

Have a conversation around error tolerance and error capacity. Have the ability to slow down and learn and think are things we talk about in the HOP world. So, I would start with the leadership team and say “Does this sounds it fits where you want to carry your company?”

Because if we still have the leadership saying, ‘I need accountability and if people mess up I need their head on a platter.” They may not say it like that, but you can tell pretty quickly if an organisation is ready or not.

If they are ready for this, I would say “Ok, let’s start small.” Baby steps, lets take a few of your leaders and share this with them, this way of thinking and the key elements we talk about a lot. Then experiment with learning teams to try out some of the philosophy. Here’s some of the paradigm shift we are trying to make and let’s test it to see if it helps us.

Take something fairly simple and not world hunger. Put together and learning team exercise and pull people together. Listen to them. Listen to them tell you about the real work and get their ideas on how to make it better. See if that’s not going to help you. I am a big believer in and I work with a lot of big companies, and we find one of your businesses that is ready for this and lets pilot with them.

Its not about implementing a program and roll it out. Your company may or may not be ready for it. I am a big believer in starting small, small steps and build confidence and as we build confidence we build capacity.

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